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1. BE CONFIDENT.If you want your customers to show their preference for you, make sure you respect yourself. So believe in your professionalism and tell your guests about your work and products being excited and confident.2. DEFINE YOUR PERFECT CUSTOMER.It might be quite a difficult process, but it’s worth it. After determining your ideal customer, you will be able to provide your guests with the best experience.3. STOP SAYING YES.We should do what we like or like what we do, otherwise we won’t be happy. So learn to say NO to the things which you dislike. Focus on your preferences and...

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1. Keep smilingAccording to Co-Founder of The Trusted Beauty Guide, Natasha Gordon meeting a customer with a smile can have an enormous effect. Smiling at a client, especially if they are new to your salon and industry in general, makes them feel relaxed, welcomed and comfortable. If a ‘passing by’ customer is greeted by a long face, he or she is unlikely to stay, and those who have booked for the first time are unlikely to return to you. So if you want to have a lot of satisfied clients, be smiling.2. Talk to your clientsIn beauty salons, specialists are...

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Increase the Size of Your Transactions In fact, increasing transaction size means trying to make customers buy more during their visits. For example, when clients want to have their hair cut, you can advise them to buy a certain shampoo. You may also recommend a conditioner and some other products. Try to find interesting and creative ways to sell extra services and goods. If your customers are always discussing that hot pink lipstick you love to rock, think of setting out a mason jar of lipsticks. Don’t forget, the more of these “extras” your guests buy, the more they are...

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