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Establish long-lasting relations with customersYou know your customers are the people who will make your business work. By treating them well, they are likely to come back to your salon and even recommend you to their family members and friends. Customize their visit with a loyalty programme which will stimulate them to come back.Seek publicity Even if your salon is located in a place with good attendance, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to promote your salon in order to attract new customers or keep your current customer base. Make sure your company is included in relevant reference books, and...

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Do you want to learn what your customers think about your beauty salon? The best way to do this is to ask them. And in this article we’d like to tell you how to do this right. Step 1: Choose your client feedback goalsCustomers usually don’t have much free time, so try not to speak to them more than half an hour. Having such tight time limits you are supposed to pick a specific area of their client journey.For example:1. Clients’ booking experience (in the salon, on phone or online).2. Their thoughts about your salon facilities.3. Their thoughts about your...

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We are going to break down these 3 core elements to growing a fabulous referral business. At every stage of growing your business, you must apply an active strategy to create more business. Ask For Referrals Online One of the best ways to bring your business to an all-time high is by simply asking. We must be willing to extend ourselves behind the chair and ask for more business. A social media post: “Like my work? I’m looking to add more amazing clients to my list. Know of anyone? Send them my way and I will personally gift you with...

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