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The Christmas party season is сoming; a time when our hair must look best, although there’s the harsh winter weather.  The investment in a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to add more moisture to your hair in the period of the winter months is obligatory. Make a hair mask during your weekly hair care routine. Leave it until overnight if you have such an opportunity and always dry your hair with a towel first to rid of the mask before wash. Argan Oil is a perfect product for the use in winter colds because they moisturize the hair instantly. Ensure that...

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The dryness is one of the most typical hair complaints among women; especially it is a real disaster for those who like to keep their hair long and healthy looking. The implementation of the chemical processes, the use of a variety of the heating tools such as the flat iron and the dryer, spending a lot of time under sunshine, on the beach, and in the swimming pool – here are the reasons for lack of hair hydration, and despite daily care, the majority of women can’t deal with this problem well. Though, some tricks will help you to visit...

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