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After Therapy Precautions

A great idea lies in washing your hair less often in order to maintain a great look. The results wash out. Do not expose your hair to high levels of salt or chlorine water. Cover your hair all the time when high UV levels are used. These factors will let you reduce the treatment lifespan. 

When you swim, wear a cap. The salt from oceans and swimming pools can destroy the effects of keratin treatment. If you do not have a cap, take a shower before swimming, soak your hair and comb it in the conditioner. It will be possible to fill porous strands with water and avoid chemical absorption. And the conditioner will add a protection level. 

Aftercare Keratin Shampoos

In after treatment months, use shampoos and conditioners which are free of sulfates and sodium. Purchase a special keratin aftercare shampoo to secure maximum longevity. It will complement the treatment. The results will last longer.

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Many people complain that their hair excessively falls after using keratin treatment. In some cases, bald spots can appear. The reasons for such a trend are not perfectly understood so far.

But the high hot iron temperature and improper equipment maintenance are thought to be the most likely causes which lead to damaged follicles. It is necessary to keep into account that straight hair is less voluminous and thinner than curly hair.

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