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In comparison to other services, a beauty one is very personal and requires a lot of attention and understanding. Most clients go to a salon in order to look good and relax after work and everyday routine. They want to get rid of stress and forget their problems while getting your service, so make sure that the salon atmosphere is quiet and friendly, while the staff is kind and polite. Always pay your attention to the condition of your products and tools. They shall be clean and hygienic, otherwise, your clients can dish on your dirty salon. Everything shall be...

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Today most people look for beauty salons on the Internet and of course, they read online reviews. So encouraging your customers to leave their feedback plays a key role in your business success. So what should you do? 1. Less resistance: Don’t make yourself work hard and feel uncomfortable in order to get reviews from all your customers. Instead of this ask your most loyal visitors to help you by posting a positive message about your salon in the social media. 2. Give this task to someone else: there are some review sites that help you address customers. 3. Provide your grateful...

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