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People who relax their hair know some coloring processes can be damaging to processed hair.

That’s why it’s natural to worry about over processing when you apply a relaxer to previously relaxed hair.

Nevertheless, a keratin treatment is good for colored, highlighted, or previously processed hair. If you use a non-acidic relaxer, the procedure will provide you with favorable results. It can also be a good variant if you are eager to transition from relaxed to natural hair, giving some time until the relaxers grow out.

If you want a new hair color, it's advisable to dye your hair 2 weeks before or after the keratin treatment. However, some hairdressers can do it the same day.

In any case, it’s better to consult a stylist first. You should tell him/her everything about your hair and all the processes that it has undergone before. After this, the hairdresser will make a decision what to do and what products to choose.

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If you decided to make a keratin treatment appointment, this article is for you. Here are some care recommendations that you may find useful.


You should keep in your mind that it is not advisable to get the keratin treatment for pregnant or nursing women. If it’s not about you, then proceed to the next items.

The keratin treatment seals in the color, making it last longer, so before making your keratin appointment, get you permanent color.

Check your calendar and weather forecast in order to make sure that your hair won’t get wet for 3 days after the procedure.

Buy some sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners.


Make sure that you have 2-3 hours for the Keratin Treatment.

Take something for entertainment (except earplugs.) You can bring a book, magazines or tablet etc.

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Most people wonder why a keratin treatment lasts so long. The reason is based on how it is done. A hair stylist will use heat in order to connect natural keratin with that one in your hair. After this, they will use a flat iron which will make your hair long and straight. The results will last for a long time. Keratin doesn’t wash out in a few days. Your hair will look perfect more than a month. Sometimes a keratin treatment lasts 4 months. As for products, the amount that should be used also depends on hair:

1) Shampoo 

Consumption: 15-20 ml

2) Treatment 


Short hair (shoulder-length): 30-40 ml

Medium length hair (shoulder blade length): 50-60 ml

Long hair (waist length and longer): 80-90 ml

3) Mask 

Consumption: 20-30 ml.

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Are there a lot of different gossips about your salon which have caused you to feel inconvenient? This all can be evaded.   

  1. Do not speak about your personal affairs in public

Being a professional, it is necessary to quickly understand that you are strongly not recommended to talk about your personal problems. This can strongly contribute to the process of saying gossips about you since there are people who feast off when they hear about other people’s problems. If you keep your life separate from business, you will be a success quicker. 

  1. Have people it is possible to trust in all situations

Some people cannot hold their emotions and need to talk to the others being full of them. These people always need someone to complain to. On the whole, they are emotionally unstable. Of course, if you speak about your personal problems all the time, gossips will be told about you. It is recommended to have a few close friends you can trust everything. Talk to them in any situation. They will always keep your problems a secret.    

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We are constantly trying to style the unruly hair. As a result, it is no wonder that we constantly visit different hair salons to achieve positive results. But areу Brazilian blow-dry therapies efficient in taking care of your hair with the use of keratin and other chemicals? We addressed this question to hair experts. 

Melanie Pellegrini, hair stylist: The keratin treatment creates a special barrier around the hair shaft. As a result, it is created for making your hair feel healthier. Sulfate-free products will make it possible to guarantee the best care for treated hair.

Raubeson: Keratin products correspond to the strictest standards of safety. The guarantee optimum hair care results and longevity. They also provide a comfortable and safe service both for the customer and for the salon expert.

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