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Brasil Cacau Thermal Reconstruction. Absolute smooth and intense shine

The Brazilian method of Keratin treatment was first introduced to the wide audience in 2006. Since that time, it has achieved enormous popularity among people of more than 45 nations. Brasil Cacau Keratin has an exclusive formula as well as unconventional application techniques. It also provides unbelievable softening and lightening effects compared to other blowout and straightening treatments. Brasil Cacau was the first brand that introduced Brazilian soothing treatment. Apply Brasil Cacau products for kinky hair to revitalize it and to achieve unbelievably soft hair with sensational natural radiance.

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  • Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction is the best choice that gives frizz-free and glamorous tress while recovering the health of your hair!

    Sorina Mihaela

  • Are your lovely locks becoming all brittle, dry and frizzy? Then make no mistake, Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction will do the work for you, keeping your hair protected, radiantly smooth and frizz-free!

    Georgio Hair Salon

  • Nothing can beat the amazing results of Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatments!

    Kink Salon

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