10 Worst Things You Can Do to Your Hair

1. You use old tools. Check your beauty arsenal, throw away your old Velcro curlers, rusty curling iron, and old hair combs. Your hair deserves only the best!
2. You use an elastic band that is too tight. Perhaps, it holds a high tail pretty well, but it weakens the hair follicles, which leads to hair loss.
3. You expose your hair to excessive chemicals. Limit the chemical impact produced on your hair. Don’t do keratin hair treatment right after botox for hair: it will be too much for your hair to handle.
4. You set too high a temperature on your devices. The hair straightener will straight your strands even if the temperature is 170 degrees instead of 230 degrees. Remember that heat-damaged hair is impossible to repair!
5. You skip thermal protection. There is nothing bad about the thermal effect of modern hair gadgets, but only if you stick to the first and fourth points, and also don’t neglect using thermal protection.
6. You don’t do your haircut regularly. The haircut isn’t only about aesthetics: it’s also about hygiene. Cutting the hair ends every two months is necessary.
7. You comb your hair from roots to tips. This approach looks great in advertising, but in real life, it can severely damage your hair.
8. You comb wet hair. Wet hair breaks and damages much more easily, so we need to be much more careful with it than with dry hair.
9. You use more products than you need to. If you have a healthy scalp and normal hair type, then you need fewer hair care products than you think. High-quality shampoo, mask, leave-in product, and thermal protection will be enough!
10. You have been using the same shampoo for years. It is stupid to habitually buy a shampoo that worked for you three years ago but has now ceased to produce such a good effect.
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