3 Beauty Trends to Expect in Fall 2022

On the eve of the cold season, we find inspiration in hottest hairstyle trends from the last catwalk shows. Autumn gives us a great opportunity to flaunt so many different hairstyles! Find out the hottest three of them below.

 1. Geometric square

In this season hairstylists especially like a short option with maximum straightening (keratin comes to rescue!). Of course, such a haircut is’t suitable for every girl, so before you try it, consult with a stylist — perhaps there are alternatives that will look much more harmonious and no less trendy on you.

 2. Retro comb-over

Retro motifs always appear in the trending fashion agendas of different seasons. This time, the styling with a side parting and a comb-over, inspired by the roaring 20s of the last century, became a true hit. At first glance, this hairstyle seems quite specific, but at the same time it can be a win-win solution for an evening beauty look.

 3. Smoothness and fixation

In the autumn and winter of 2022/23, arm yourself with your favorite hair sprays and gels for fixation in order to repeat one of the hottest beauty trends from the catwalks. Hair combed back and fixed with a special styling tool product will add a little spice into your look and become a practical solution in bad weather.

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