3 surprising advantages of hair combing

Of course you know that hair brushing improves blood flow to hair follicles, promotes faster hair growth, and evenly distributes hair sebum. However, did you know that hair brushing can positively affect not just your hair but your whole body as well? If you want to find out 3 surprising advantages of hair combing, then check out this article!

1. Hair combing is good for your eyes, it even helps to improve vision! Besides, this process accelerates blood flow to the nerves in the eye area, thus relieving fatigue in the eye socket and improving visual acuity.

 2. Frequent hair combing can improve brain function. Many of us, especially ladies, often experience dizziness or headache caused by disorders of the cerebral blood supply. At the same time, hair combing helps to improve memory and strengthen brain functions.

 3. Hair combing of hair is useful for healthy sleep. We recommend combing your hair before going to bed, this will help calm down, relieve tension in the head area, and improve the quality of sleep.

That’s it! We hope that since now you will brush your locks oftener and become healthier with each new day!

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