3 أشياء تحتاج إلى معرفتها قبل الحصول على علاج الكيراتين

Even as keratin therapy constitutes the use of chemicals, it doesn’t harm the health of your hair in the same way as it your straightening iron does. If you are going to prolong the effect following a keratin therapy, you just have to guard against salt and sulfates, as they will wash keratin from your hair too fast. One more tip here is that you need to try out the sulfate free shampoo.

What is more important is that you have to watch out low-cost keratin. Remember one simple fact. You pay exactly for what you get. Other words think twice when you are going to purchase cheap cosmetics. Labrecque says that if you purchase costly keratin you just pay for the work of a highly skilled technician, who knows what formula would serve the needs of certain hair in a best way. Nicole Descoteaux, the stylist from New York City notes that something similar one could say about ironing. Indeed there are women, who think of how many times a day do they use the iron to straighten their hair, and there also women who don’t take such a care of it.

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