4 steps to Make Your Retail Profit Work

The two main keys to increasing sales of cosmetics in a beauty salon are sales scenarios and the organization of a retail zone. There is no specific scheme according to which you need to place showcases in a beauty salon. You need to consider the concept of your salon, your business model, and most importantly, the scenario for the provision of services and sales in your beauty salon. What are the 4 steps that will help you to make your retail zone work? Find them all out below!

 1. It’s better to place showcases in the direction of customers' movement, opposite or to the side of sofas or chairs in the waiting area, or to organize a large area specifically for the retail zone.

 2. Let’s imagine: your client is waiting at the reception desk after receiving the service. While they are waiting for your receptionist to calcite everything, they examines the nearest showcases or items located on and next to the desk. It makes sense to give the client the opportunity to purchase something that doesn’t require time to make a decision and is an easy impulsive pleasant purchase.

 3. Often the layout of goods becomes the duty of the administrator, who isn’t familiar with the basics of merchandising. Therefore, it’s worth developing a detailed instruction - a planogram of the layout, which will be considered by the employee. As a rule, planograms are provided by distributors of professional cosmetics.

 4. In order to form the correct perception, it’s recommended to group products according to their intended purpose, to form blocks of products aimed at solving one problem. For example, products of the same brand line for colored hair (shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum, styling product). This pushes the potential buyer to purchase the entire haircare system, rather than a single product.

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