4 Things to Look for When Buying Salon Chairs

Of course, you know that everything in the beauty salon interior should not be just pleasing to the eye but super functional and comfortable as well. First of all, this refers to a hairdressing chair. Keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment are quite lengthy procedures, thus, a hairdressing chair should provide super comfort all the time. It should be both comfortable for a client and a hairstylist. Nowadays shops offer quite different models of hairdressing chairs. Which one should you buy for your salon? Check out 4 things that you should be aware of while choosing a hairdressing chair!
1. When choosing the upholstery material of the chair, don‘t forget that according to sanitary standards, the chair has to be washed and treated with disinfectants, so you shouldn’t choose natural leather and natural fabrics. Pay attention to high-quality leatherette, as well as eco-leather and vinyl leather. Thanks to modern technologies, these materials look and feel just like the natural ones, but at the same time, they are cheaper and will serve you longer.
2. After choosing the perfect upholstery, also check the materials from which the frame, armrests, and base of the chair are made. The main material of inexpensive chairs is plastic, but it can also be of high quality, so don’t give up on such an option. Pay attention to the fact that the plastic shouldn’t be porous, as such material tends to crack and crumble over time. High-quality plastic should be dense, but at the same time flexible, and all parts made from it should fit tightly, having no gaps.
3. A significant part of the chair is the lifting mechanism, which can also be of several types. The most expensive, but at the same time convenient, is the electric drive. In this case, you don’t have to adjust the needed chair height for a long time, because you will only have to push a button on the control panel and the chair will do everything for you.
4. Apart from the electrically powered chairs, there are also cheaper options with hydraulic or pneumatic lifting mechanisms. The difference between "hydraulics" and "pneumatics" is as follows: you can change the height of a hydraulic chair right during work with the client sitting in it, and pneumatics can only lift an empty chair.
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