4 طرق نهائية لتنمية أعمالك في الصالون

1. Offer New Services and Products

Never forget about the market research just to be sure what clients want right now. Lots of new tendencies appear every single day and you have to keep up with them if you want to earn more money per customer and attract lots of new clients. Give people what they want and they will choose your salon as a place with the best options.

2. Ask Your Clients What They Want/Need

Have you ever thought of client feedback and how to get it? Don’t ask them straight - it’s embarrassing and some people may say nice things just to please you. Instead of asking, give them something in return, for example make a contest with a low-cost prize for you such as a set of skin care products or a free day of salon treatments for your client and some of his friends.

3.Find Out a Niche and Dig In

Market research again! Who are your customers? What do they need? Are they organic products’ fans or tired mothers who want to spend some time away from their kids? Look at the existing salons and services that they offer. Fill the gaps that they didn’t, find some exclusive options for your salon.

4. Invest in Your Staff

Your staff is everything. These people are the face of your salon. They provide services, sell products, constantly interact with your clients. You are responsible for developing them and rewarding them for their good job.

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