5 حركات روتينية للشعر لصباح أسرع

If you do not have the time or desire to weave complex braids or make curls, you will be rescued by these simple hairstyles that can be done in just five minutes. They are so simple that they do not even need a detailed description. Just look at the photo below, choose your styles and do not be afraid to combine the options. Then your hair will be irresistible, even in the busiest day!

1. Spit "Waterfall" of two strands


Select two small strands from the total weight of the hair, put one of them under the vertical strand, the other on top, then twist them and repeat the same with all the following vertical strands. As soon as you put your hand in, you can do this hairstyle in five minutes.

2. Twisted tail


Divide the tail into two parts, make a harness from one part and wrap it around the second to get a tail in a casual style.

3. Hairstyle with a summer scarf

Use an elastic bandage or a summer scarf. You just need to wrap the hair around the bandage and make sure that it does not look out from under the hair.

4. Low knot

This hairstyle is perfect even for short hair and for medium length hair. Well and, of course, for long ones.

5. Tail with knot

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