5 Keys to Recruiting New Team Members

Many salon owners know how hard it is to find a new stylist that will not only care about the clients but make the salon more profitable and popular. Keep on reading this article and 5 keys that you should consider when choosing the new team member for your salon!
1. Qualification. Pay attention to the courses and classes that your potential stylists attended, make sure that they did it, for example, ask them some questions regarding the subject of their courses.
2. Salon image. Your staff is the face of your salon. Make sure that your employees have the same goals, interests, and style as you do. You should only hire employees who are open to everything new and follow the latest trends! Kera therapy, botox hair treatment, anti-frizz treatment – your stylists should be ready for all that!
3. Personality. Pay attention to particular traits of character that your future employees have. They should be cheerful, friendly, bubbly yet reliable enough because many clients will trust their secrets.
4. Career goals. During the job interview ask your potential stylists where they see themselves in 5 years. If they say that they want to open their beauty space, it means that they consider working in your salon just like a professional trampoline and are likely to leave you in the future.
5. Ability to understand what the client wants. That’s not so hard to do - just act as a client for some time and ask the potential employee all the questions that clients usually ask. Pay attention to the answers and the reaction to your questions!
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