5 Tips for a Successful Bridal Trial

Have you ever prepared a bride for the most exciting day of her life? If you still feel anxious when you even think of it, here are our top-5 tips that will help you to create the hairstyle of a bride’s dream without worrying in vain!1. Your clients should arrive ready (or be ready if you arrive at them). Ask them to wash their hair with soft shampoo, apply some hair conditioner and dry their hair before you start working with them. This saves you much time!2. Ask your clients not to use leave-in conditioners and masks - they make hair silky and create a perfect slip while you need a perfect grip in order for the hairstyle to last all night long!3. The more texture - the better. Volume is what almost every bride needs and what looks good in pictures. Sleek options don’t suit everyone4. Don’t be afraid to use hair extensions, especially if the client's hair isn’t that thick or long but she wants to be a Rapunzel. It’s her day, so her wish should be fulfilled!5. Accessories. These small things are super important for a whole bride’s look to be complete. Choose accessories that match her dress.
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