5 Ways to Make Your Salon Sustainable

Sustainability is connected with the desire of people to preserve the natural resources of Earth. Eco-friendly attitude has become not just a trend, but a way of life for many people, especially millennials. Natural resources are not limitless, and everyone can contribute to their conservation. In this article, we decided to tell you about 5 ways to make your salon sustainable, keep on reading!

 1. Switch to energy-saving LED light bulbs. They consume 60% less energy and will last much longer than conventional ones. In the restrooms, it’s worth installing motion sensors to turn on the lights to reduce energy consumption and at the same time your electricity bill.

 2. Give up plastic. Plastic is a catastrophe of the 21st century. The main disadvantage of the material is that it takes a long time to decompose in the natural environment. Depending on the density and type of plastic, the decomposition period can reach 500 years. Eco-beauty salons are abandoning plastic in favor of biodegradable materials.

 3. Try recycling. Unfortunately, we can't fully avoid plastic as the majority of shampoos and other products arrive in plastic bottles and packaging. Organic salons conclude a contract with specialized organizations. They collect, sort and recycle waste into new raw materials.

 4. Immersion in nature. The interior decoration can demonstrate naturalness, nature and safety. A lot of wood and plants can be used for decoration. Some beauty salons even resemble greenhouses in their design.

 5. Use organic cosmetics. Now the choice of eco-friendly cosmetics is huge. Just carefully study the documents, find out the sources of raw materials, as well as production technologies.

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