Black hair - I care: basic rules

African-American hair can look just gorgeous, however, sometimes taming it can be really hard because it’s very thick and curly, caring about it can be a real problem. What are the basic haircare rules for black locks to look healthy and neat? Check out our article and find them out! 

 - Black hair will look great if it is washed with extreme care. Frequent use of a hair straightener can become a cause of hair damage and dead hair ends. Choose keratin shampoo and conditioner for daily use. 

 - For owners of black hair, it’s very important to constantly maintain the moisture of the hair and use special oils (shine oil spray). In order to achieve the desired smooth effect, just warm some oil between your hands and apply it to your scalp.

 - After you have combed your hair and given it the right shape, the oil will significantly enhance the natural shine of your black locks. 

 - In order to maintain the elasticity of African-American hair, its health, and its shine, you can use hair smoothing and straightening treatments, such as keratin hair treatment! Try Brasil Cacau which is one of the most popular product lines of Cadiveu's professional series! It’s suitable for all hair types, including African American! The effect of Brasil Cacau lasts up to 6 months. Of course, after the first application, the effect will last approximately 3-4 months, depending on the peculiarities of your hair and post-treatment hair care.

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