Black Hair Will Always Be Political

Black hair isn’t just an amazing appearance feature that makes the look of African-American women unique. Such hair can be truly called a masterpiece since many famous African-American ladies use their locks to send the super important messages which make up our political and social agenda. 

We speak with our mouths while black ladies make their statements a real art that just can’t stay unnoticed. Do you remember how Lizzo reminded all of us (right before the 2020 presidential election) that back in 2016 40% of Americans just didn’t vote. The singer posted a picture with the numeral 40 and a percent symbol, sculpted with wire and hair on her head. Isn’t it art?

The picture with a similar hair sculpture was also posted by another artist which is the Ivory Coast-based Laetitia Ky. The sculpture made up from her hair and wire said “#BLM”. She was standing against the violence against black people. 

This hair sculpture isn’t the first one Laetitia made. She said that at the beginning she was creating hair sculptures just for fun but after realizing that she can draw the followers’ attention to much more serious issues of today’s society, she started to approach her sculptures more consciously. 

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