Business model and positioning

Nowadays there are lots of business models of beauty salons, such as blow-dry bars, mono salons, hair salons, complex salons, however, not all of them are successful. How can you make your salon popular and what are the secrets of the right salon positioning? Check out this article and find it out!
In 2022, women are concerned about the health of their hair more than ever, thus, keratin hair straightening as a signature procedure of your salon will be perfect for attracting new clients, as this procedure is super popular among ladies. Make sure you work with high-quality products, such as Brasil Cacau. It’s the core product line of Cadiveu professional series. Many women across the globe trust this brand and choose this product line as an ultimate haircare treatment.
Because the Cadiveu brand is super famous and has a high quality, your beauty salon will become even more reputable because of cooperation with such a trusted brand.
Of course, a well-known high-quality brand is popular in the whole world. Cadiveu’s positioning considers all hair needs and problems of women in any country. That’s why we have lots of distributors of our products in the world! For example, Cadiveu India helps Indian women to stay even more beautiful with a wide range of products including Brasil Cacau hair treatment!
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