Checklist for a manager in salons

How to run a successful beauty salon? We suppose all salon owners ask themselves such a question. The key is proper salon management. Of course, you should be aware of lots of things, thus, we have prepared for you a short checklist of what a salon manager should know, check it out in this article!
1. How should you choose employees? Pay attention not to their portfolios but to the real skills that they will show you. Watch how the potential master talks to a client.
2. How should you choose products for your beauty salon? Clients appreciate it when you’re not just trying to sell them any product, but using it in your beauty salon. Choose only high-quality products trusted by millions of women!
3. What is the most profitable time of year for a beauty salon? It’s not a secret that 6 months from April to September are the busiest because clients revive after the winter hibernation and start to prepare for summer and vacations!
4. How can you improve product sales in a beauty salon? It’s necessary to properly expose the products, and you will not notice how sales will fly up. Allow visitors to touch everything that they potentially want to buy – so the chances of buying will increase.
5. How to make the clients stay? Make sure that each client leaves satisfied. Besides, offer loyal clients regular discounts, don’t forget to congratulate them on their birthdays making them small yet nice gifts!
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