Color Trend & Techniques

 right haircut and hair coloring turn us into real beauty queens. On the contrary, unflattering hairstyles make even the most attractive and expressive women look worse. What are the trendiest hair dyeing techniques nowadays? Find them out in this article!

 1. Highlights. Highlighting is the most versatile option for hair coloring nowadays. Almost all complex hair coloring techniques that exist today are based on highlighting. Traditional highlighting is selective lightening or coloring of strands or individual sections

 2. Balayage is a French hair coloring technique, the term itself means "sweep", it’s literally a technique of drawing by hand. Your colorist will draw highlights on the hair ends and front strands with  natural free movements, so the lightened parts are easily blend into your natural  base shade

 3. AirTouch is a hair lightening method based on partial blowing of strands with a hair dryer. The stylist takes a strand of hair (no more than 1 cm) and blows it with a hairdryer. The hair that remained in the hand will be dyed, and the hair that came out of the strands isn’t dyed, it’s only toned. 

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