Dandruff: causes and treatment

Big or small particles (so-called “flakes”) on the scalp are called dandruff. If there is a significant amount of it, particles fall on clothes and shoulders straight from the natural hair, which looks disgusting. It’s believed that dandruff is the result of poor personal hygiene. However, sometimes, dandruff is caused by a disease. In this case, home care and treatment can provide zero effect, so you’ll have to consult a doctor.
Possible reasons
Dandruff is not always a symptom of some diseases. In some cases, it’s caused by a negative effect produced on the skin: this is an incorrectly selected shampoo, a non-balanced diet, sudden changes in ambient temperature, etc.
Among dandruff-provoking factors are stress, direct exposure to sunlight, the use of aggressive products for perm, and hair dyeing. In these cases, careful hair care and the elimination of harmful factors normalize the skin condition, which contributes to the dandruff treatment.
If you feel that you can’t cope with dandruff by changing the shampoo, we recommend you to find out the reasons for its appearance by contacting a specialist – either a dermatologist or a trichologist. The doctor will determine the size of the particles and examine your skin which makes it possible to make a preliminary diagnosis. In addition to the examination, you should make a biochemical blood test. If the results are bad, it may be a signal of a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract which requires further medical treatment.
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