طوِّر علاقات طويلة الأمد مع عملائك

Establish long-lasting relations with customers
You know your customers are the people who will make your business work. By treating them well, they are likely to come back to your salon and even recommend you to their family members and friends. Customize their visit with a loyalty programme which will stimulate them to come back.

Seek publicity
Even if your salon is located in a place with good attendance, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to promote your salon in order to attract new customers or keep your current customer base. Make sure your company is included in relevant reference books, and that you are active in social media.

Setting prices
Most inexperienced businessmen make mistakes while setting prices in their new salons. It’s definitively a difficult task. If you make your services too expensive, clients may not come to you. If they are too cheap, you’ll fail to cover your expenses. So try to walk the line. For this you should do a market research on your rivals, it will help you to see the average price for services. You may set your prices a little bit higher than your competitors’ ones, in this case, you will always have a chance to lower them by making a discount. But if you set prices too low, you are likely to lose your clients after price increases.

Employ the right staff
If you hire incompetent and ill-mannered people, it will cause many problems to your business. Always keep in your mind that your staff is the people your customers create relations with. It’s them who will stimulate your clients to return. So be very careful choosing employees. They should be real masters who are not only talented but are friendly and communicable.
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