Difficulties of self-dying your hair

We live in a busy age, thus, not all the ladies have an opportunity or time to visit the beauty salon in order to get their hair dyed by professionals. Home hair dyeing remains popular and that’s a fact none of us can deny! However, what are the difficulties of home hair dyeing that you may face? Check out this article and find them out!
Usually, before dying hair at home, ladies forget to check how the scalp reacts to the composition of a product. Allergy to hair dye can manifest itself in the form of redness, itching, inflammation, and even hair loss! Don’t forget to apply some hair dye to the area behind the ear and make sure there are no negative consequences.
Besides, quite often ladies either don’t do or skip testing the dye on a separate hair strand. Make sure the test result suits and satisfies you by first dying a small strand. Just imagine the situation when all your hair looks not what you expected it to look after the hair dyeing!
In home conditions, it’s super hard to switch from the blonde to brunette or vice versa. Professionals don’t recommend ladies to make such drastic changes themselves, putting such dyeings in the category of home hair dying mistakes. Home hair dying is fine only if you dye your hair the same color (or 2 tones darker or lighter) than you have now!
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