Encouraging your clients to rebook

We bet you faced such cases when after getting treatment in your salon and being satisfied with the result, the client, however, never rebooks or comes back to your salon. Such situations leave many salon owners puzzled, as they don’t understand what could go wrong. In this article, we will tell you how to encourage your clients to rebook, keep in reading!

First of all, you should plant a seed, which is you should tell your client that he or she needs to maintain the salon hairstyle of treatment. Suggest a client make an appointment after a particular period. You can also ask your hairstylists to indicate a client a certain interval of time when he should come for the second treatment.

Secondly, your administrator or receptionist should kindly force the words said to the client before by a hairstylist and suggest a more specific time for the next visit. Be persistent enough but not too pushy as it can annoy the client. Besides, don’t be afraid to little overestimate the schedule of your salon on purpose, as the client who knows that the salon doesn’t have many appointments can leave without rebooking thinking that he can just come and get a treatment at any time, so making an appointment beforehand is pointless.
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