Expert Recruiting and Team-Building Advice for the Salon Owner

Entrepreneurs who open a beauty salon often wonder where they can find a good hairstylist. A professional team is one of the main factors in the success of the beauty salon, that’s why hiring a true professional isn’t easy at all. How can you find a real pro and make up your own team of leaders? Find it out in this article!A hairstylist in a beauty salon isn’t just an employee who knows how to cut and dye hair as well as how to perform a hair smoothing treatment. A real professional can do so much more than all the above-stated things. Clients are looking for someone who will transform them and inspire them to look at themselves in a new way.As a rule, there are three main sources of recruiting:- magazines, newspapers, websites where applicants post their CVs;- recommendations of your friends and colleagues;- schools where professional hairstylists are trained.How can you build a team of your dream? Here are some tips.Your staff is the face of your salon. Make sure that your employees have the same goals, interests, and style as you do. You should only hire employees who are open to everything new and follow the latest trends! Kera therapy, botox hair treatment, anti-frizz treatment – your stylists should be ready for all that! Regular organize brainstorms including all your stylists - let them feel that they are highly valued and you appreciate their ideas!
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