Five Ideas for Decorating the Salon Reception Area

What is the first thing that the customers see when entering your beauty salon? Of course, it’s your reception area! That’s why this particular zone of your salon should look just amazing and catch an eye right away! How can you decorate the reception area? Check out this article and find it out!

 1. The spring is always associated with flowers. Just imagine how beautiful they will look at your interior! Choose flowers that bloom in spring: camomiles, daffodils, tulips, crocuses! If you are afraid that the real flowers can be pretty allergic, choose artificial ones. Nowadays they look exactly the same as real ones!

 2. Lights and lighting in general. Everything depends on your salon interior: if it’s with boho motives - choose lights on a string. If your salon design is made in futuristic style — choose diffused light accent lighting.

 3. Candles are another great idea. They are pretty popular nowadays - some of them even resemble ancient statues and busts which looks very impressive!

 4. Sweets and cookies. Hey, who doesn’t want to have a tasty cookie right before or after the treatment? Lay them on a beautiful tray - your clients just won’t resist such sweet temptation!

 5. No decoration. Pure minimalism looks super impressive but only if your salon interior is minimalistic too!

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