Five Rules For Luxurious Hair

Having long, strong, and voluminous hair is a dream of any woman. However, it often happens that we forget one simple fact: hair beauty starts from the inside. What are the secret products and vitamins that will help you to have the hair of your dream? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Your diet should be well-balanced enough. Add more protein-containing food (meat, fish, eggs, nuts). Besides, don’t forget about vitamins A, E, C, and D which you can find in fruits and vegetables.
2. Don’t forget to perform keratin hair straightening regularly. We recommend you trying Brasil Cacau is a kera therapy that can be applied to any type of hair in order to give it a mirror shine and smoothness. Brasil Cacau protects your hair from porosity and external damages. No more dead hair ends and damaged hair!
3. In order to prolong the effect of kera therapy or botox hair treatment, you should use special products aimed at the protection and nutrition of your hair. We recommend using keratin shampoo and conditioner which will help you to keep your hair nice and neat!
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