Haircare in tropical humid climate

Do you remember Monica from Friends in Barbados? This can happen to each of us in high humidity. Tropical climate isn’t suitable for everyone — even girls with perfectly straight hair can look like Monica in such conditions.

Check out this article and find out several tips on how to keep your hair sleek in tropical climate!

  - Look for products labeled "Frizz Ease" or "Anti Frizz".  Usually such products come in the form of leave-in hair balms, sprays or serums, which greatly simplifies their use. First, they don’t need to be washed off. Secondly, they facilitate the combing process and help protect the styling.

  - Get your hair up. Stylists recommend choosing high hairstyles in high humidity, for example, a ponytail or a bun. This is especially important for those whose hair is naturally slightly curly, and the owners of fine smooth hair.

  - Use less shampoo. In conditions of high humidity, the scalp doesn’t produce as much oil as usual, so don’t wash your hair more often than necessary.

  - Change the towel. Often your hair gets frizzy because you use the wrong towel.  The right hair towel should be made of microfiber, then it will absorb only the outer moisture from the strands. 

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