Holiday Marketing in Your Salon

Holidays always provide great marketing opportunities! Indeed, on a special occasion, you can offer your clients either a treatment or a gift that will help you to make more loyal clients and attract new ones! What are the holiday marketing opportunities that you can try? Check out this article and find them out!
1. Pay attention to local shoppers. Review your website and blog content, thus you can offer locals great gift opportunities such as gift cards. They can visit your salon which is located somewhere close to their house or apartment and get it instead of driving somewhere to a big mall and look for a gift there.
2. Limited time offers. Thinking outside the box is a great way of boosting your sales! Offer your clients exclusive holiday-themed makeup or nail design. Special time limited offers are always attractive to clients.
3. Contact beauty pioneers. You know that some people love first trying out new products and services. It will be even better if you attract your local bloggers or influencers to try your special holiday service, as he or she can nicely promote you via Instagram or other social platforms.
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