How can you choose the right niche for your salon?

It’s important for the owner of a new beauty salon to correctly assess his market niche and know what types of beauty salons exist in order to:  - get to know his potential customers better; - understand competitors and see their advantages; - run ads without unnecessary expenses; - plan how the salon will develop.The main types of beauty salons depend on several parameters: the scale of the business and the number of services, the price category, the income level of customers.Classification of beauty salonsEconomy class salonsThe economy class beauty salon offers basic services at a minimum price. In order to maintain a low price level, the owners of such salons use economy segment beauty products and rented premises. With a good location and flow of customers, the salon can bring a good profit and quickly recoup investments. Business class salonsIn the business class salon more attention is paid to the quality of service. The masters of the salon have higher qualifications, the interior of the premises is more sophisticated, the equipment is more modern. The staff no longer just serves customers, but also gives recommendations, for example, helps with the choice of products. Premium class salonsThis is a full-scale business, which is located in a separate premise with high-quality thoughtful interior design. The masters of the premium class salon have diplomas and certificates, use the most modern materials and technologies. Luxury salonsLuxury salons serve VIP clients, which implies high requirements for the interior, staff and quality of services. Such a salon expands the geography of users: customers are willing to spend time on the road for the sake of amazing professional service.In fact, choosing a salon niche is super important, as this will predetermine your future development strategy. In the next article, we’ll tell you who can help you in creating your beauty salon!
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