How can you introduce keratin treatment into your salon?

As we all know, the most basic procedures that one can get in the beauty salon are hair dyeing, haircut, hair washing and styling, as well as some basic care treatments. However, when it comes to keratin treatment, some salon owners just don’t know how they can introduce such a service in their salon. Check out this article for some useful tips!

 1. It’s autumn now, and you probably heard from your clients how hard it is for them to cope with hair static. Leave-in products and nourishing masks only solve this problem for a day or even for a few hours, then static returns. We believe that now it’s a perfect time to introduce the keratin treatment! 

 2. First of all, announce the new service on your social media. Check out the reaction of your customers. Tell them about all the benefits of the treatment. 

 3. Secondly, contact your local bloggers and arrange a promotion. That’s a great idea, as opinion leaders nowadays are really powerful influencers. 

 4. Offer a nice discount on the first keratin treatment to your loyal customers. This will prevent you from the influx of single-visit discount pursuers and allow your loyal clients to try the new service and see how amazing it works!

 5. Choose only reputable brands to work with. For example, Brasil Cacau is a famous brand trusted by many women from all over the world. It would be a reliable keratin supplier with the best composition on the market!

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