How do I get to know my target audience?

The target audience portrait of a beauty salon is people who are interested in your product. That is, if we mean the services of a beauty salon, it’s an audience that may be interested in these services. Work with the target audience is unfortunately underestimated by many salon owners. This is due to a lack of understanding of how deeply this affects ongoing business processes.
Inside the target audience portrait of the beauty salon, there is always a perfect client: the most desirable one in terms of solvency, preferences, and consumer behavior.
Once you've figured out your perfect client's profile, you should constantly refine it through the experience of interacting with real people. What does it mean? You will need to ask clients about their preferences and wishes, about how they assess the services in your beauty salon. You need to receive relevant feedback. Try to find out what your customers dream about, how they live, what goals they have in life. Moreover, many clients are happy to tell the masters about their lives.
Ask your audience. You can conduct:
- a survey;
- a poll;
- an interview.
A survey can easily be conducted in Google Forms and sent to the database, or posted on social networks in stories. Reward interviewees with some kind of gift or discount on treatments. Social media surveys are cool because they are free!
Visit personal profiles of your current clients on social networks and write out the groups they belong to, their age, occupation, whether they have children, and so on. In fact, anything you find will be helpful.
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