How should you use a shampoo correctly?

Shampooing your hair - perhaps you’re wondering why we decided to write an article about such a simple and basic haircare routine? It’s truly simple, however, did you know that many women don’t wash their locks correctly that’s why the result of a hair wash can be bad! How should you use a shampoo correctly? Find it out in this article!

 - The frequency of hair washing is individual, taking into account the type of hair and water quality. If you have oily hair type, wash your head once every 1-2 days, normal type - once every 2-3, dry type - once every 3-4 days. 

 - The amount of shampoo depends fundamentally on the length of the hair. Never apply shampoo directly to the hair and scalp - first you need to foam the shampoo in the palms or dilute it in a small amount of water, and only then distribute it through the hair as not to apply super concentrated shampoo.

- Comb your hair before hair wash in order to wash it thoroughly. You should wash your hair from ear to ear, along the so-called conditional lines, then move to to the back of the head. The movements should be massaging - use your fingertips!

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