How should you work with top stylists?

First of all, let's look at the staff of your beauty salon. If you compare your specialists in terms of profitability which is revenue from services and retail sales, you’ll see that there are leaders and other employees in the team. Leaders usually make up 60-80% of revenue, there are not many of them and they work in your salon the longest. The rest of the employees make up 10-25% of revenue.
How can you determine your top stylist?
- he has the leading revenue indicator;
- he has expertise in a particular field;
- he has many years of experience;
- he’s a mentor of young specialists;
- he’s not afraid of trying new techniques such as keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment;
- he understands the responsibility for the quality of services provided in the salon;
- he keeps order in the salon so that the cleaning woman works efficiently, and the receptionist doesn’t miss calls;
- he has goals for the future as he doesn’t want to work as a stylist for all his life – he wants to teach or open his salon.
You can turn a top stylist into your partner and business assistant. If the salon owner invites a top stylist to his partnership and appoints him as an art director, he will build a loyal and logical management system for the staff. By giving a top-stylist a part of the managerial functionality, you allow him to influence the whole team for your benefit. Since the top stylist is a member of a team, a specialist, and a leader, he’s an authority for the staff.
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