How to attract customers from the street to your beauty salon?

There is a famous saying in business:
“No customers - no sales, no sales - no business, no customer attraction system - no customers themselves. Full circle." In today's article, we will tell you how to find and how to attract clients to a beauty salon right from the street, keep on reading!

1. Design a signboard for a beauty salon. It should be stylish and fit your general salon interior!

2. Make outdoor advertising right by the salon. Here you can mention some promotions and discounts as well.

Such an advertisement can be expensive, but not necessary. If you manage to find a truly original approach, then you can save on material, work and get the maximum effect from such advertising.

Such advertisements are really useful, although they are old-school ads method. Usually, they attract the attention of a large number of people, it is difficult not to notice it. Just think about how you can attract customers with an interesting advertisement.

3. Invite the client to come into the salon for a cup of coffee or tea and make a salon tour for him. Tell him about some of your procedures, for example, keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment.

4. Place a print advertisement for the salon in shopping centers, cafes, offices near the salon. Of course, it’s definitely not a new tool for attracting customers, however, the approach to its creation, the essence of the formulated offer, and the visual range may be new.

5. Set up a partnership program with nearby organizations who may have the same clients as you do (cafe, bank, dentistry, etc.) For example, you can cooperate with a cafe. Print discount coupons together. Both your salon and cafe give a coupon to the client during the checkout. Thus, the clientele of the cafe can come to your salon - and vice versa. There are a lot of options and benefits from partnership cooperation.
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