How to avoid a crisis in difficult times?

The worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19 has seriously affected almost all industries. One of them is the beauty industry. Even though now salons are slowly going back to normal life, it will take much more time to overcome crisis. How can you prepare your beauty salon for hard times? Check out this article in order to find it out! 


 1. Get yourself a platform for online booking. It will not just save the time of your administrator but will give you an opportunity to clean the salon between the appointments. What’s more, you can even do without the administrator at all, as your stylists will see their online schedule and appointments!


 2. If you are leasing the equipment in your salon, you definitely have to make the monthly payments. Pay attention to all the items you lease: probably you use not everything that you have, so you can stop paying for some things. Revision is what you need at the moment! 


 3. Mind the promotion! You don’t even have yo buy ads or pay your local influencers for some PR. Use your own social media accounts, give discounts to those who will repost some of your posts, for example. Let people know that you’re open again and are ready to provide your beauty services at favorable conditions!

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