How to care for long hair?

Long natural hair is not just a dream of many women but a matter of concern as well. What’s the right care for long hair? Keep on reading and find it out!
Any hair needs cleansing, conditioning, restoration, nutrition, and additional protection. Long hair is especially demanding, so you have to be very careful while choosing the haircare procedures.
Cleansing is a standard procedure. Short hair can be washed every day, but long hair can be washed rarely. Depending on the type of hair, you can wash it every two to four days. So, it is better to wash hair belonging to oily hair type a little more often than dry hair. Shampoo should also suit your hair: dry, oily, dyed, curly hair needs different products. Keratin shampoo and conditioner are the best solutions.
Restoration is what long hair needs the most. At home, hair is most often restored with special masks based on different ingredients. Masks can have soft oily or rich creamy textures. They are applied once a week before washing your hair. The exposure time of each mask depends on its composition: some take 30 minutes, and some need about two hours.
Protection is one of the most important steps in long hair care. Before styling, you need to use heat protection sprays - they will protect your hair from exposure to high temperatures. In the summer, you should use sun protection sprays or wear a hat to protect your hair from burnout and dryness.
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