How to choose a beauty salon concept

The concept is what determines the work and principles of the salon, it is the strategy for the development of the business and the way of how it will be focused on its target audience.
Why does a beauty salon need a concept?
Advertising and promotion of a beauty salon are based on the concept. The concept is how you will present your salon.
Salon concept search
Imagine having to describe the differences between Apple and Samsung. We intuitively distinguish these things from each other. This is the concept.
The set of characteristics, how one thing differs from the other, will be the first part of the salon concept. The second half of the concept is a well-thought way of business development, its goals, and objectives.
Finding your own concept consists of the following steps:
1. Marketing research. The concept is primarily based on marketing research. The winning position of newcomers is that they see the strategy and tactics for the development of market players.
2. Assessment of competitors. Pay visits to the nearest salons and evaluate what segment and type they are. Find out how the administrators communicate, how the retail area is organized. This will give you a picture of your competitors, their pros and cons.
3. Choosing the type of beauty salon. There are 3 main types: med, spa, and beauty salons. Understand the type of your salon before taking any further steps.
4. Analysis of the surrounding salons. It is necessary to analyze those who are located nearby.
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