How to create a dream team?

A wise salon owner knows that a good team only improves the quality of salon services. How can you build a real dream team and productively work together in order to achieve the common goals? Find it out in this article! 

 1. Offer work only to those people who you personally find friendly, attentive and nice to talk to. Even if the best hair stylist ever is rude and doesn’t pay attention to client’s wishes, you won’t work well together. 

 2. Get to know your team better. Having a nice salon manager is good but being him yourself is better. Always be nice and polite to your staff, praising each member for his contribution to your business.

 3. Set realistic goals. Be clear to your stylists, allow them to grow and develop while performing the tasks set. 

 4. Reward good work. Of course, monetary bonuses are a super nice bit what about your public recognition of the success of your stylist and his hard work for the sake of the salon? Recognition has to be sincere, as your staff is the most valuable resource of your salon.

 5. Improve you employees’ skills. By investing in the training of your masters, your beauty salon also develops! Your stylists see that in your salon they don’t do routine work (such as proving only hair smoothing treatment) from day to day, which means they won’t think about finding a job in another salon!

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