How to Cut Your Own Hair Right?

Self-hair cut: sounds a little bit surprising yet horrifying, doesn’t it? Of course, the majority of women visit hair salons in order to get their hair cut there, but you can do it even at home! Not only Brazilian keratin treatment or botox treatment can be done at home. All you need for a home haircut is a little bit of patience, a big nice mirror and a sense of measure!
First of all, check out the rules of self-haircut:
- keep it simple - don’t try to make yourself fancy model haircuts, you will fail, stay within the framework of reasonable simplicity;
- hair is always cut dry (!);
- use special hairdressing scissors (or in extreme cases - sharp straight manicure scissors), never use clerical or kitchen scissors!
- never cut more than one centimeter from a strand;
- don’t relax until everything is finished - there is nothing more disappointing than ruining an almost perfect result with one careless movement of your hand with scissors.
It’s better to do your own haircut in a room with good lighting and a mirror. If you‘re cutting your hair from the back, then you will need a second mirror to see what’s going on from the back. Think about cleaning after a haircut in advance: if the hair will be difficult to collect from your floor covering, then it is better to cover it first, for example, with newspapers.
Important: it’s better not to cut extremely curly hair on your own, but to entrust this process to professionals. Perhaps you should do a keratin hair straightening or botox hair treatment first.
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