How to develop your business in 2022?

The last two years haven’t been easy for beauty salons and the beauty business in general. Work restrictions, a decrease in the flow of customers, QR codes, and a complete lack of understanding of what will happen next. However, even in such conditions, you can work effectively: attract new customers, keep old ones, develop marketing and make plans. How should you effectively develop your business in 2022? Find it out in this article! 


 1. Develop your social networks for quick communication with customers. Beauty salons can use their social networks to interact with clients. For example, you can add links, create posts, promote your products and services. Instagram is a brand visualization and one of the reasons new clients will want to book an appointment with you!

 2. Stay in touch with your clients. Staying in touch and building strong relationships with customers is the beauty industry's primary concern in 2022. Automation-enabled communication is gaining popularity in the beauty industry as a way to keep clients aware of everything. It allows companies to communicate with customers online through automated messages.

 3. Retail sale of salon goods. One of the major beauty trends is in-salon retailing.  In 2022, beauty business owners are expanding their business through multiple sources of income, one of the largest sources being retail. One out of four salon clients buys products from beauty salons, and a quarter of salons claim that about half of their revenue comes from retail products.

 4. Creating comfortable conditions considering COVID. Creating a safe environment has always been a priority for beauty salon owners. In fact, most salons say they are trying their best to follow COVID-19 safety recommendations and still maintain a relaxing environment.

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