كيف تناقش حالة الشعر مع عملائك؟

How to communicate with a client? How to talk to the client about the condition of her hair? These questions bother many hairstylists. In this article, we will try to find answers to them.

Before starting any procedure, you have to talk with the client for a few minutes in order to break the ice. If this succeeds, the client will trust the hairstylist, take into account his professional opinion and come to your salon again. Even if in the future something will go wrong, the regular client won’t make a nasty scene.

Of course, you can learn how to cut and style the hair beautifully, but if you don’t learn how to properly communicate with the client and be friendly, then you will not succeed! If we talk about the components of effective communication, then, first of all, we recall the smile, which is always sincere. Besides, you shouldn’t give monosyllabic answers to the client’s question, and a whole conversation with her shouldn’t be monotonous.

If a client asks, “Do I have dry hair?”, it is not enough to simply answer “yes” or “no”.  It is necessary to tell her about the type of her hair, the ways of improving its appearance and health, give her some treatment tips, etc. It will be also nice if you can recommend your client a proper product line for home hair care. Moreover, many hairstylists even ask the client for permission to touch her hair - after all, not everyone likes it.

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