How to Expand Your Salon Into Multiple Locations?

Expanding your salon into multiple locations means that your business is successful enough in order for you to start a new place and create a chain of beauty salons! What should you do before expanding? Keep on reading this article and find all the answers!
Before opening a new place, make sure that you have enough resources, funds, and high-quality personnel. Don’t forget that the quality of the services in your first salon shouldn’t become worse!
In salon marketing, there is an 85% rule: open another salon only if you have at least 85% booked in your first salon. There is no point in opening a new place if the previous one doesn’t bear the desired fruit.
Before opening a new salon, ask yourself a question: do you have an opportunity to maintain the salon identity in both your new and old salons? The same atmosphere, spirit, level of services - all these are of vital importance if we’re talking about salon expansion.
Your brand should be cohesive in each of your salons. You don’t have to necessarily provide the same services in all salons, but people have to recognize your brand and know that it’s not just a brand new salon in the city, but YOUR salon in particular!
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