How to get rid of lice?

Pediculosis is a parasitic disease caused by the activity of human lice. These are human-specific parasites that feed on blood. In the process of feeding, lice bite through the skin and inject their saliva into the blood, which prevents clotting. As a result, you may feel or see the following:
- red rash on the scalp or neck;
- itching (in 14-36% of cases);
- excoriation;
- small spots of blue-gray color on the skin.
The best way to get rid of lice is to buy a special product from the pharmacy, however, there are some natural tips you can use together with the professional products. Try regular vinegar, for example. Although it does not completely kill lice, its action is aimed at destroying the protective adhesive shell of nits. As a result, the shell softens and the nits can be easily combed off the hair. Another useful product is hydrogen peroxide. Due to its strong oxidative effect, it effectively copes with nits as well. The protective adhesive shell of the nit is destroyed from the action of acetic acid, after which the combing out of nits is faster.
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