كيفية تقديم منتج جديد لعملاء صالون تصفيف الشعر

Being the owner of a hair salon, you surely work with particular brands that supply you with their goods. You recommend these products to your clients as well. However, in today’s world, there are so many new products of different brands which promise miracles, that introducing a new one to your clients doesn’t seem to be an easy task. How to successfully introduce a new product to your clients? Here are some useful tips!

  1. Make a questionnaire. Ask your clients what exactly they would like to try. Perhaps some of them are desperately looking for a new shampoo, some need a good hair mask, etc. By learning the needs of your clients, it will be easier for you to justify the appearance of this particular new product in your salon.
  1. Let your clients have a try. Offer them trying this product 100% free during or after their usual procedures. Tell them about the product’s benefit and show how it works.
  1. Make a discount. Who doesn’t like discounts? Everybody likes them! As the acquaintance with a new product, give your clients a 5-10% discount on it.
  1. Work with influencers. If you promote your hair salon via Instagram, ask your influencers to introduce the new product to their audience. The audience trusts their favorite blogger, therefore they will likely buy what the influencers recommend!
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