How to Manage Underperforming Staff in Your Salon?

As a salon owner, you should know that one of the hardest and most important things is managing your staff most effectively. In some cases, some people just don’t feel the philosophy of your salon and don’t see eye to eye with you, so it’s better to part ways. However, sometimes stylists just need a little motivation and appreciation...
Let’s imagine that you have some amazing professionals that can professionally use hair botox products on your clients or perform amazing keratin straightening procedure. Of course, you don’t want to lose them as your client value such a stylist and you were absolutely satisfied with his performance. If you see that any of your professionals looks estranged, ask him for a one on one conversation. Remember that settling everything is in your best interests. Give the underperforming stylist a reason why you decided that he’s not productive enough. 
After having a one on one conversation, make the performance tasks for your entire team super clear. Ask your underperforming employee about his career aspirations and goals. Perhaps your stylist would like to study some new things in order to work in some new techniques. Your salon can become a perfect place for career growth and self-development for such a staff member.
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