How to monitor the productivity of employees in the salon industry?

Staff management in a beauty salon should be a top priority. The income from the business, even the survival of the salon, depends on how employees respond to the problems they face.Evaluation parameters can be either qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative indicators are of vital importance if you’d like to monitor the productivity of your stylists, considering sales volume, the number of new customers for a certain period.The qualitative indicators include compliance with the service standards: correct and competent communication with a client, identification of customer’s needs, offering related services and goods, etc.We recommend to base the criteria for service quality assessment on the Service Standards adopted in your beauty salon. In the special questionnaire that your clients should fill you can include parameters such as the waiting time of the stylist, his appearance, greeting, identification of needs, correct execution of all stages of the procedure, customer satisfaction, the offer of related products and services, etc.Definitely one of the easiest and most effective ways to find out about the work of your employees is to ask your customers. Clients fill out a questionnaire at the request of the receptionist (after the client has used the service), the receptionist enters the answers into the database, after which they are analyzed and conclusions are drawn.
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